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Better-Than-Bottled Water at your kitchen tap

The K5 is the lowest water-to-drain system in the market place.  In the Reverse Osmosis process Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are removed from the water.  TDS consists of heavy metals that have been in the air and washed into the ground water by the hydrological cycle of the water.  These heavy metals are something we don’t want to be drinking.

The K5 offers automatic shut-off when the filters are full.  The biggest advantage of the

K5 is the “WOW Storage Tank” or the

water-over-water bladder tank;providing higher flow to the faucet, refrigerator delivery and ice maker, that doesn’t need to be air charged every year.  A gauge on the from of the unit lets you know how much longer the filters will last so you’re not caught off guard when it’s time to change filters.

The K5 is certified for the removal of nitrates,

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and carries a viral and bacterial filter add on.

(NSF 58)


Removes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Total Dissolved Solids are the things that you are

  drinking in your water, but don’t know are there.

The reverse osmosis process utilizes a

semi-permeable membrane to remove

 and reject a wide variety of impurities.

TDS chart


Yakima WA, Ellensburg WA, Selah WA, Cle Elum WA,Kittitas WA, Moxee WA,

Goldendale WA. Wapato WA, Naches WA, Cowiche WA, Tieton,WA, Gleed WA

Aluminum 97-98%                                  Nickel 97-99%

Ammonium 85-95%                                Nitrate 93-96%

Arsenic 94-96%                                     Phosphate 99+%

Bacteria 99+%                                       Polyphosphate 98-99%

Bicarbonate 95-96%                               Potassium 92%

Bromide 93-96%                                    Pyrogen 99+%

Cadmium 96-98%                                  Radioactivity 95-98%

Calcium 96-98%                                    Radium 97%

Chloride 94-95%                                    Selenium 97%

Chromate 90-98%                                  Silica 85-90%

Chromium 96-98%                                 Silicate 95-97%

Copper 97-99%                                      Silver 95-97%

Cyanide 90-95%                                    Sodium 92-98%

Ferrocyanide 98-99%                             Sulphate 99+%

Flouride 94-96%                                    Sulphite 96-98%

Iron 98-99%                                          Zinc 98-99%

Lead 96-98%                                       * Virus 99+%

Magnesium 96-98%                              * Insecticides 97%

Maganese 96-98%                               * Detergents 97%

Mercury 96-98%                                  * Herbicides 97% %

TDS 95-99%   

* These are conservative estimates